Wednesday, June 25, 2014

EN - Making of "A Photoblogger's Philosophy – Thomas Leuthard in Frankfurt"

Jan capturing Thomas "at work"

By Thomas Ludwig
Some months ago I had the pleasure to meet well known street photographer Thomas Leuthard from Switzerland. He is a very kind and open guy and I asked him spontaneously if he could imagine to take part on our video series about photoblogger's. We started this series with super nice Chris Gampat from The Phoblographer in November. Thomas agreed and we met up in Frankfurt in April.

First we made an Interview with him, which was extremely interesting. Jan Wagner, director and cameraman asked many questions and later on it was difficult to find the few words that would fit in a two minute clip. The last question of Jans interview was: "What is more important, truth or beauty?" – Maybe we'll release the full interview one day and you can hear the answer from Thomas himself :-)

After the interview we went to town and Jan was following Thomas with our SONY NEX 7, that we use for our videos. It is absolutely stunning to see how Thomas approaches people for a photo (and those photos are stunning too). There were some scenes where Jan had fear to follow Thomas, as he couldn't judge how some people would react. Fortunately no one has bat an eyelash. I have to say that Jan made a great job to capture Thomas "at work" so perfectly.

It was an impressive day in Frankfurt with a great filmmaker who captured a great street photographer at work. Many thanks guys!


Interview in a hotel room

Jan asking interesting questions...

...Thomas answering in the same interesting way

It was a challange to capture a unique street shooter

Thomas at work #1

Thomas at work #2

Filmed on a mirrorless camera

Jan Wagner, Thomas Leuthard and Gernot from our team

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