Wednesday, June 4, 2014

EN - Making of "The Mirrorless Hero - Shootout with the past"

Jan and Birgit shooting with a mirroless camera

By Thomas Ludwig
Back in August 2013 we were planning to shoot a promo video for our unique CAMSLINGER bags for mirrorless cameras. One of the major benefits of the bags is the fast and one-handed access to your mirrorless cam. So the idea for the video was to tell a story about a shootout between a mirrorless camera guy with a CAMSLINGER and a DSLR guy with a messenger style bag. I was so lucky to find widely experienced director Jan Wagner and camerawoman Birgit Möller for this job.

A basic requirement was that the video had to be shot with a mirrorless camera but Jan and Birgit were not really happy with this idea. I pushed it a bit and bought a SONY NEX 7 with some lenses. And you know what? Finally they used it and loved to shoot with the NEX 7.

We went out on a field near Berlin on a super hot day in August with Lars and Sebastian, our two actors. It was a very exhausting day with temperatures over 30 degrees and no place for a cool rest in the shadow. But after all we had a lot of fun and the video has almost 10,000 clicks since the release in March this year (German, English and French version).

Recently we bought a SONY a6000 for our future videos and mirrorless camera skeptic camerawoman Birgit now owns the NEX 7 :-) and a CAMSLINGER 160 :-). Many thanks to all involved in this project!

Here are links to our series "A Photoblogger's Philosophy" with Chris Gampat and Thomas Leuthard (both made using the NEX 7) and finally here is our new ad...

More images after the break...

Some impressions from the shootout

Lars pulling his mirrorless cam
out of his CAMSLINGER
Birgit shooting Lars
Shootout test
Lars and Sebastian after the shootout...
...fortunately they were using cameras :-)

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