Friday, March 18, 2016

EN - Crowd-Development CAMSLINGER Outdoor

We have a new project on the radar :-) Together with Swiss photographer and climber Stephan Wiesner ( we are developing a CAMSLINGER especially for outdoor active photographers like climbers, hikers, bikers etc. If all went fine, we'd start a crowd-funding in September.

The main benefit of CAMSLINGER bags is the quick and 100% single-handed access to your cam. For many outdoor active photographers this could be a deal breaking advantage. Furthermore we had mirrorless cameras in focus, but a CAMSLINGER fits also DSLRs or Superzooms. You can wear it at the hip or over your shoulder.

We would be super happy if you could support our project with your ideas and suggestions!!! If you have any ideas, please leave a comment below this post. MANY THANKS!!!!

Here is a video Stephan made with our first prototype:

DE - Crowd-Development CAMSLINGER Outdoor

Wir haben ein neues Projekt auf dem Radar :-) Gemeinsam mit dem Schweizer Fotografen und Bergsteiger Stephan Wiesner ( entwickeln wir eine CAMSLINGER speziell für Outdoor aktive Fotografinnen und Fotografen, wie z.B. Bergsteiger, Wanderer, Abenteuerreisende, Biker etc. Die Tasche soll, wenn alles gut läuft, im Herbst in ein Crowd-Funding gehen.

Das Hauptmerkmal von CAMSLINGER Taschen ist der schnelle und 100% einhändige Zugriff auf die Kamera.  Für viele Outdoor Aktive ist das mitunter ein entscheidender Vorteil. Außerdem stehen Systemkameras im Fokus, es passen aber auch kleine bis mittelgroße DSLRs und Superzoom-Kameras hinein. Eine CAMSLINGER trägt man vorzugsweise an der Hüfte oder auch über der Schulter.

Wir würden uns freuen, wenn Du uns mit deinen Ideen und Anregungen helfen würdest!!! Falls Dir etwas zu dem Projekt einfällt, bitte poste einen Kommentar unter diesen Beitrag. Vielen Dank!!!!

Hier ein Video von Stephan zu dem Projekt:

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

DE - Making of "A Photoblogger's Philosophy – Steve Huff in Las Vegas"

Steve in "A Photoblogger's Philosophy"

Von Thomas Ludwig
Dieses ‘Making Of’ beginnt mit ein paar persönlichen Worten. In 2012, als ich mit COSYSPEED begann, war ich bereits seit zwei, drei Jahren Fan von Steve’s Blog. Ich kann mich gut daran erinnern, dass ich seine ungezwungene Schreibweise und seine “Real-World-Reviews” über Kompakte Systemkameras von Anfang an mochte. Auch wenn er in lockerer Sprache schreibt, sind seine Tests doch sehr Präzise und treffen den Nagel auf den Kopf. Er war auch irgendwie eine Inspiration, als ich die CAMSLINGER-Taschen entwickelte. Zu dieser Zeit hatte ich den Traum, eines Tages einen Test meiner Entwicklung auf Steve’s Blog zu lesen – und dieser Traum wurde im März 2014 wahr. Ich habe mich so darüber gefreut, dass er die CAMSLINGER testete und noch mehr, dass er das Konzept auch mochte. Dann im Oktober traf ich ihn und seine Freundin Debbie persönlich in Las Vegas, wo mein Freund, Filmemacher Jan Wagner, den dritten Teil der “A Photoblogger’s Philosophy” drehte – mit Steve Huff in der Hauptrolle!

EN - Making of "A Photoblogger's Philosophy – Steve Huff in Las Vegas"

Steve posing for "A Photoblogger's Philosophy"

By Thomas Ludwig
This ‘making of’ will start with some few personal notes. Back in 2012, when I started COSYSPEED I was already a fan of Steve’s blog for some years. I remember well that I liked his ‘real world’ approach in reviewing especially mirrorless gear. And I think he was the first one in the photo bloggospehere with such kind of reviews. Even if he uses a cool and easy language, his reviews are very precise when it comes to the major flaws and goodies. And he was somehow an inspiration for me with the development of the CAMSLINGER bags. It was my dream those days to read a review by Steve about the new bags and this dream came true in march 2014. I was so pleased that he did this review and that he liked the CAMSLINGERs. Then in October I met him and Debbie personally in Las Vegas, where my friend and filmmaker Jan Wagner shot the third release of “A Photoblogger’s Philosophy” – with Steve as protagonist!

Friday, July 18, 2014

EN – The Fanny Pack of Wyatt Earp

By Thomas Ludwig
Wyatt Earp is one of the most well-known gentlemen in history to wear a fanny pack – a belt pouch for those of you unfamiliar with the American term. His was a special fanny pack designed to hold his six shooter, and to give him quick, one-handed access to his gun. It would free his upper body from straps and belts and let him wear his working equipment very comfortably the whole day long.

But in the old days, no one would have called it a fanny pack, because neither Goa techno nor today's belt pouches had yet been invented. (Also, the term 'fanny' only acquired its modern meaning in North America in the early 20th century.) At the time, there was just one important thing: functionality! And of course a man who lived such a dangerous life as Wyatt Earp did had to look for the best tools available. Lateron it became fancy to wear a gun holster, which you can see in many Western movies.

Left: Gun holster | Middle: Wyatt Earp | Right: CAMSLINGER bag
When we developed the CAMSLINGER bag for mirrorless cameras, we picked up this concept and built a unique holster system. While the CAMSLINGER isn't exactly a fanny pack, it's a bit like Wyatt Earp's gun holster as it provides quick and easy acces to your working equipment, while letting you wear it comfortably on your body. It's a bag for mirrorless cameras that provides all the comfort and functionality you need for your exciting life as a mirrorless hero – even if it's not as dangerous as the life of Wyatt Earp.

Image credits: © underdogstudios - | Gemeinfrei | © Cosyspeed GmbH

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

EN - Making of "A Photoblogger's Philosophy – Thomas Leuthard in Frankfurt"

Jan capturing Thomas "at work"

By Thomas Ludwig
Some months ago I had the pleasure to meet well known street photographer Thomas Leuthard from Switzerland. He is a very kind and open guy and I asked him spontaneously if he could imagine to take part on our video series about photoblogger's. We started this series with super nice Chris Gampat from The Phoblographer in November. Thomas agreed and we met up in Frankfurt in April.

First we made an Interview with him, which was extremely interesting. Jan Wagner, director and cameraman asked many questions and later on it was difficult to find the few words that would fit in a two minute clip. The last question of Jans interview was: "What is more important, truth or beauty?" – Maybe we'll release the full interview one day and you can hear the answer from Thomas himself :-)