Thursday, April 10, 2014

EN - A little hack to make size adjustment easier

During the size adjustment of the Camslinger it may happen that the velcro sticks together when you did not want it to. To prevent this there is a little trick. All you need is a pair of scissors, a large sheet of paper (ysterdays newspaper for example) and the camera you want to adjust the Camslinger to.

1: A 30 cm long (for the Camslinger 160 a 45cm long) and 7 cm wide strip of the newspaper cut.

2: Open the Velcro fasteners and place the camera on the inner part.

3: Place the paper strip around the Velcro on the inner part and close the Camslinger again.

4: Press the inner and outer shell together and pull out the paper.

5: Take the camera out, press inner Velcro closures and the Camslinger is adjusted to your cam.

The laurels for this go to CJ from Photoscala where the trick is described in the review of the Camslinger bags.

Have fun 

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